Turning 1

17 10 2011

Mary McCarthy hit a big milestone this past Tuesday – yep, she reached the grand old age of 1!  She had her birthday party this past Saturday with all the family (photos to come later), but Michele and I took her out for some of her favorite activities on Tuesday.

First off, she of course had to wear her birthday cupcake dress.

Our top item on the schedule was to hit up the park for some swinging and strolling. (We think MMK is not quite old enough yet for promenading.)  But the swing was first.


Then a stroll along a park trail in her car for a bit.

After the park, we met Michele’s dad (aka Poppaw) for lunch at the Pizza King. Okay, Pizza King is actually a favorite pizza place for Michele and me, Mary McCarthy only ate some crackers.

And then, it was time for some (cup)cake! She was having a real deal cake at her party, so we got her a cupcake for her birthday. At the beginning, she was a little apprehensive.

Barkley, however, was not apprehensive at all.

After one taste, MMK loosened up and starting digging in.

She seemed to be more fond of the icing than the actual cake – but then again, who isn’t?


And finally, she announced to the world, “I’m one!” We have to say, she announced it with less passion than Oklahoma State coach Mike Gundy announced his age of40. But she was proud of it nonetheless.




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