It’s Back On

3 10 2011

There’s a lot to recap, folks.  We have gotten pretty settled into Longview at this point.  The weather has finally gotten bearable – even nice.  It’s been a couple weeks since we had a 100 degree day!  And most amazing of all, our little Mary McCarthy is closing in on her first birthday!

So I’ll just jump right back into it.  We have to updates with photos – first up is our trip to the zoo.  And then we have our first Longview Lobos football game and another trip down to Mobile for MMK.

We have to say that the Tyler Zoo was very impressive, especially for the mere $9.50 per person entry fee.  They had a little bit of everything there: birds, zebras, elephants, cheetahs, snakes, penguins, fish, monkeys bears, giraffes, etc.

Speaking of monkeys, Mary McCarthy was properly dressed for the occasion.

We checked out all the birds first, but MMK was ready to move on to the bigger animals.

Look, it’s a rhinoceros!

He was a big one, and he did not smell pleasant.

But Mary McCarthy insisted on having her picture as close to the rhino as possible!  Of course, she reminded  us that it’s a hippopotamus she wants for Christmas.

Here’s a baby giraffe.

Here I am with MMK in front of Serengeti area.  You can see a female lion sleeping in the background.

Across the way we found he tortoise area.  Some nice, close-ups shots (pretty sure taken by Michele).


And here we are in front of a cheetah – not quite so fast when they’re just sitting there.  This was Mary McCarthy’s feline sign.



And here we are at the end of our tour.  We did see some black bears, but we couldn’t really figure a reason to take photos of them in the zoo when we took photos of them in front of our house for the last 5 years.

It was a fun day in Tyler overall, and I’m guessing we’ll head back to the state park there one weekend.  Up next, I’ll give a quick run down of our Friday Night Lights experience and then some highlights from our trip to Mobile.




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