It’s Official

20 08 2011

While we know it doesn’t quite have the same ring to it, I think we are now The TexaKanes.

Yes? No?



Play Us A Song…

12 08 2011

We got a visit yesterday and last night from a miniature Paul Schaeffer (minus the glasses).








9 08 2011

I guess this is what happens when your baby watches SNL’s “The Best of Molly Shannon.”

Mary Katherine Gallagher in the house!!!

I kid, I kid, we did not let her watch “The Best of Molly Shannon.”  We only let her see “The Best of Will Ferrell” – volumes 1 and 2.


9 08 2011

We knew of Mary McCarthy’s affection for the water, but we did not realize exactly how much she enjoyed a swing.  We did know that she enjoyed her previous times swinging, but this video from the beach taken by Michele shows just how much fun she can have.


We can only imagine what her first trip to Six Flags will be like!

Ah, The Beach

8 08 2011

While the clouds might have been ominous at the beginning, we actually had a pretty fun week at the beach.  There were a few days of rain in the middle, but we still found some time to get in the pool and walk on the beach (and one of us played golf!).

Here I am with MMK in the pool playing around.

One thing I particularly enjoy about a trip to the beach: Vacation-hair! (aka “vacatia hair”)

“I see you driving round the pool with the girl I love…”


We got a visit from the Delaneys on day while at the beach.  James and Amanda have a new little boy named Andrew.  Here’s Andrew with his dad and Dillon…

Michele is playing around with Dillon, who is always a good sport…

This is their daughter, Ann Marie, holding Andrew….

And Dillon and Ann Marie playing with Mary McCarthy…

This is MMK in the pool with Michele and her mom…

One little treat MMK figured out upon visiting Michele’s family’s condo is that when Eva is taking a nap, her toys are up for grabs…

We also got a visit from Lauren while at the beach…

And of course, my mom had her time in the pool with Mary McCarthy as well…

While we don’t swim with MMK out in the gulf quite yet, we did take her down to the beach a few times.  These photos are from a particularly windy afternoon…



Catching Up

8 08 2011


So, first things first.  Someone in our family has learned how to crawl somewhat recently.  We feel like walking is right around the corner, but she’s a crawling machine at the moment.  Here she is in action…


Another activity that Mary McCarthy has always enjoyed is napping with her dad. Whether in the bed in the morning or on the couch at the lake, she has no problem taking it easy.


As I mentioned, we did take a second lake trip in Arkansas, which was a lot of fun.  However, it appears I did not bring my camera with me for our activities.  Michele did some horseback riding with Jackson and Alex, we took a boat ride to go swimming, and we did a little fishing (mainly Jackson and Alex fished) – but you’ll justhave to take my word on that.

Just down the road from where we stayed was a pretty cool old school place where Michele and I ate lunch on our way out of town…

We took a bit of a detour home to fulfill one of Michele’s lifelong dreams. That dream?  Visit the Crater of Diamonds State Park and dig for diamonds!  Apparently, the park is the only place in the world containing known diamonds where the public can just hunt themselves.  Over the years some pretty significant size diamonds have been found in the park, and it seemed like people drove from all over to check out.  You can read more about it by clicking here.

Now, I know this sounds picturesque, and it was!  Here’s Michele on the way in…

Before I get to the set of photos highlight Michele’s dig dream, keep in mind that it’s about 97 degrees out…



Of course, no diamonds were found by Michele – but she gave it a good try!  And she got to cross one thing off her “to do” list of life.  Maybe one day Mary McCarthy will have the dream of returning to the park and doing some digging of her own.

Before leaving the area, we did take a nice walk along the Little Missouri River.  We got a couple of pretty cool photos of the river…


That’s all for now, but I’ll post some pics from the beach soon.

We Have Not Forgotten

5 08 2011

We’ve been doing a decent amount of traveling over the past few weeks, so I have not really had much time to update the blog. However, there have been plenty of photos taken (guess who is the star of 99.9% of those photos???).

I will start getting some updates coming tomorrow (I hope) and definitely a few next week. Until then, here are two photos to hold you over.

(1) I call this “The Uncle Denny”

(2) Mary McCarthy swinging at the beach