20 07 2011

The season is right around the corner, and all the Kanes are ready!


Independence Day!!!

8 07 2011

We had our first big outdoor adventure in a few weeks over the 4th of July weekend.  We loaded up the car and headed to Lake Ouachita in Arkansas with Michele’s dad and sisters (and their families).  As you know with us, part of the fun of our road trips is the actual road trip – the “getting there” part. And this one was no different.

We stopped to get some watermelon and at another vegetable stand, but our only photo-worthy stop was in Hope, AR. That’s right, the home of Bill Clinton!  We knew that our friends in Juneau would nod in approval of this sop and that our friends in the south would wonder why we wasted those minutes.  But heck, I was wring a USA tank top, so we decided to pay a quick visit.

And here is the actual home.  I kept claiming Clinton came from “humble beginnings,” but he had a pretty nice house.

Once we finally made it to the lake and unpacked, it was straight to the water.


With the cousins around, Michele and I had some “help” with feeding MMK.

Of course, there were plenty of swimsuits for Mary McCarthy to choose from.

Here she is showing off her new trick.  And proud of it she is!

The water is also a good place to relax.

Guess what?  To my amusement, we had a nice sunset every night we were there. And so yes, I took many photos.



One afternoon we went to a cove where there was a diving rock.  Here I am with MMK taking in the action.


Michele’s dad was probably the fashion hit of the weekend, thanks to his sun hat.

Here’s the whole Kane crew in the water.

Here are a few more of the sunset before I get to the finale story.



On our last night at the lake, the carbon monoxide sensors on the houseboat starting going off. We followed some instructions from the dock about how to alleviate the situation. So after taking the boat our in the lake for a bit then re-parking it on the shore, we thought the problem had been solved. Then 5 minutes later while we were getting settled back in, the alarms starting to go off again.

We decided to take no chances – and thus, there was a night of “camping” under the stars.  We loaded up every soft thing we could find and headed to the upstairs deck.  Of course, Jackson and Alex thought this was pretty awesome. We managed to make it through the night with no bugs and no rain – only the outdoor sounds of the dueling banjos between Michele’s dad and me.

Here’s our setup on the deck.


There are still more photos to come from the weekend.  I decided to reserve all the photos of the slide to their own post, as that was one of the main attractions for everyone. And I have a few other still out there.


July 4th At The Lake

8 07 2011

A lot of folks have been wondering what kinds of awesome things go on during a holiday vacation with the Kanes now that Mary McCarthy has joined the party.  Let’s just say, there is still a large amount of fun had…