Her First Snow

30 11 2010

Oh the weather outside is frightful, but Mary McCarthy found it so delightful.  And since she can’t get up and go, she thinks, “Let it snow, let it snow, let snow.”


Travel Question

29 11 2010

Would TSA consider this to be too large for a neck pillow?

AlasKane Again (Almost)

28 11 2010

We’re almost back to Juneau. At this point we are in Seattle, staying with out pal Erin.

Of course, the new version of the AlasKanes features a third member… Mary McCarthy!

She was fantastic on her first ever flight, barely making a peep. And I even managed to convince her mom to let her sport her Ichiro jersey on the plane!

We’ll be in Juneau tomorrow, where the temperature will be a mere 45 degrees cooler than Shreveport.

Here are a few pics from the flight…





Happy Thanksgiving!

26 11 2010

We hope everyone had as much fun on Thanksgiving as Mary McCarthy…

Stars, They’re Just Like Us

5 11 2010

Celebrity drafting attorney Brian Kane was spotted in his mother-in-law’s neighborhood in Shreveport on Thursday strolling his new baby, Mary McCarthy. Even though he has lived in Alaska the last five years, the 62-degree weather still prompted him to break out a long sleeve undershirt. While we’re not sure about the long sleeves with the shorts, we do like his casual, vintage Flying Burrito Brothers olive green tee.

Elvis Was In The Building

1 11 2010

Not for too long, but Elvis did make an appearance in Shreveport on Halloween night.  Mary McCarthy and I both went as Elvis, and Michele went as Priscilla (using a friend’s Snooki wig).  I actually think MMK looked more like Don King trying to dress up as Elvis – but cute nonetheless.

And props to Michele for making the onesie Elvis costume and cape all on her own.  I think it turned out really well.  Of course, we had a back-up Halloween outfit for the after-party back at the house.  The after-party included watching the Saints game and feeding that little one.  Crazy!