Photos From the Week

30 03 2010

We had two big highlights of the weekend… (1) Duke making it to the Final Four, and (2) Kate’s birthday party!  Friday night, Saturday, and Sunday were spent watching many hours of basketball.  Sunday night was spent at Kate’s party.  Oh, and I bowled a 219 last night in a make-up game since we missed Thursday.

But on to the photos.

Here’s Michele and Kate, with Kate sporting a pretty sweet birthday hat…

Unfortunately, I only had my phone for photos at the party, so the quality is not the best.  Here are Kevin and Leif out-dancing my phone’s ability to take an action shot…

I doctored that one a little to hide the shortcoming of the phone photo.  And here Kate and Kevin are breaking it down…

And finally, did I mention that Michele and I got a new watchdog?  He’s a fierce one!


Reflecting On Our Lack Of Posts

22 03 2010

Sorry it’s been a while since we have put anything up.  The combination of basketball and weather has led to not as many outdoor photo opportunities.  But there is good news – Michele and I did take a picture-taking excursion yesterday afternoon after watching Duke dominate California.

And actually, I won’t really be doing any reflecting on not posting as much.  The reflecting will come in some of the really cool shots we got at Mendenhall Lake yesterday.  Enjoy!

Guess What?

1 03 2010

It’s sunset time.  Friday had a pretty awesome sunset here.  Then of course, it rained on Saturday and Sunday.

On Saturday, Michele went swimming for a bit.  Though she was only gone about an hour, Barkley really missed her…