Guest Photographer

24 11 2009

I made the mistake of asking our recent visitor, Anna, to send me some photos she took on her trip to Juneau to post on the blog.  I say it was a mistake because when I got the email with her photos, I realized – they were awesome.  I’m talking really good shots.  So Michele and I had a long discussion on whether to post them here and take the risk of making our own photography look a little less glamorous.  In the end, I won out and the photos are being allowed on the blog.

Anyway, all the excellent pictures below were taken by Anna on her trip to Juneau (and also Haines).  Enjoy!

In the photo below, you can see the fins of some orcas they saw in Haines…

And now for the reflection portion of the photo set…

And Michele and Barkley at the Mendenhall Glacier waterfall…



20 11 2009

That’s right, we have a little something for you involving eagles.  Two weekends ago, Michele’s pal Anna (a.k.a. “Flurry”) came to town for a long weekend.  She had a work thing in Seattle and was able to fly up for Saturday, Sunday, and Monday.  Her day did not start as well as ours, as she cheered on LSU and we carried the flag for the Tide.  But a post-game trip to the Alaskan Brewery made things a lot better.  And she got to meet most of our awesome friends, and Kevin.

After a fun day Saturday, Michele and Anna went to Haines for the day on Sunday (I watched NFL).  They flew on a Wings plane in the morning, then came back on the ferry.  Hopefully Michele will chime in with some details from the excursion.  She did, however, come back with some excellent photos that I will show below.  Every year in November, Haines is swarmed with eagles since the river up there has the latest salmon run anywhere around.


Not Quite the Fleetwood Mac Song

18 11 2009

Sorry it’s been another long stretch in between posts, but we’ve had some extenuating circumstances, if you will, that kept us from getting things posted.  For one, I am on call for jury duty this month.  For two, we have not been as good at remembering the camera lately.  And for three, we had to evacuate our new apartment on Saturday due to a potential LANDSLIDE.

I kid you not.  Don’t worry, the story has a fine ending for us.  We were awakened on Saturday morning around 8:30 by a fireman banging on our door.  We were told to evacuate because there had already been one landslide in our area and there was the potential for another.  Basically, we got a bunch of snow on Thursday and Friday, then it turned to rain, which then made everything a muddy mess.

So we grabbed as much as we could think of at that hour, then headed out with Barkley.  Our friends Tom and Kelly picked us up and were nice enough to make us some delicious breakfast.  They actually also got a call from a co-worker of Kelly’s who was evacuated, so we turned their place into a refugee camp for about 6 hours.

In the end, there were two landslides, neither of which affected our building.  Nonetheless, Saturday was not the most relaxing weekend we’ve had.  We stayed with Dave and Jeanette on Saturday night just to be overly safe, then walked back to our place on Sunday morning.  While I did not have my camera on the walk back, I did have my phone and was able to get two photos of the landslide.

This occurred about 300-400 feet from where we are.  Apparently, the people in the house to the left called 911 when water and mud started entering their place.  They got out, but their car suffered a worse fate.

You can see at the top-middle of the photo where the landslide came down.  There were some huge trees snapped and knocked over.

You can read the follow-up story from the local paper by clicking here.

At Lunch

11 11 2009

Testing out the AlasKane iPhone app. Having lunch at Sandpiper. Delish.


4 11 2009

I know it’s been a while, but hopefully our new photos will make up for the time off.   Before I move on with the post, I must give a shout to Kevin – the man responsible for all the photos.  Michele and I managed to leave our camera at the house,, but Kevin came through for us.  Though, with a tourist costume like he had, I would hope he brought his camera.  Anyway, all photos below are courtesy of the artist currently known as Kevin Higgins.  It’s almost like Ansel Adams was at the party!

We ended the night at a party at the Gann’s house after a visit to our pals Leif and Leslie (who live int eh house that the Birdman of Alcatraz used to live in!).. As you may have heard, Barkley was a part of our costume (for the 10 seconds he stayed in it for photos).  But here were are: Gertie, Elliot, and E.T…


In my own humble opinion, I’d say we did a solid job…


Dave had a Gumbi costume, and Jeanette was a chicken.  Together, though, they were “Chicken Gumbo.”


Here’s Scott, going with kind of a gigolo, velvet suit-wearing whatever.  I’ll allow either Scott or Erin to chime in with a comment regarding his hair, if they would like…


Even though Tom is Canadian, he decided to celebrate Halloween with us – and with a nice costume, I might add.

Tom went as the Black Box of red wine.  And yes, his costume was functional…


Barkley even tried it out (not really)…


If you look carefully in the background of this one, you can see Karen, who was a tourist, and Kelly who was a “walk of shame.”

Here we have Sadie and Chris as the characters from “Elf.”  I quizzed Chris – he even knew the four main food groups; though I think he was not tough enough to pour syrup into his beer…


This is Scott’s wife, Erin, on the left.  I think she was a go-go dancer of some sort…


Below are Kevin and his sister, Sarah.  They did not discuss costumes with Karen and Mike before anyone left the house, so they too are tourists.  However, Kevin and Sarah were at the Gann’s house before Karen and Mike, so I’m not sure who you would say copied whom.  But they took different angles on the tourist look, as you can tell…


Our last arrivals for the evening were Eric and Lisa.  Eric works as a public defender with Kevin, so there’s a little irony in his Lt. Dangle-esque cop suit.  Lisa was the jailbird…


“Move along, folks, there’s nothing to see here.”


And here’s Michele and Barkley.  I think he wore himself out playing with Storm and Yellow, thus he posed for one more photo on Gertie’s lap…


And here are a few overview shots of the party.  The Ganns did an excellent job decorating the house, and Kevin did a nice job of capturing some of the fun things hanging around…





This one below might be the best photo Kevin has ever taken…


In the end, there was dancing.  If Jeanette is involved, the party always finds its way toward the dancing…