We Haven’t Forgotten

28 10 2009

Don’t worry, folks, we have not forgotten about the blog. We’ve just been kinda busy up here since our return from Vegas and have not had time to get many photos uploaded from the camera.

But, Michele and I do have a few Halloween parties to attend this weekend. And I promise, we have a killer costume. There will be photos. Oh yes, there will be photos!

Until then…





What You Need To Know From Vegas

21 10 2009

Michele and I took our (what is hopefully going to be an) annual trip to Las Vegas in October to meet up with Jason and Melissa.  As usual, we had an excellent time, which included dinner at The Palm, a Cirque de Soleil show, and the Tide rolling.  Unfortunately, the Tide only rolled by 14 points and not 17.5 – to which Michele of course responds, “That’s why I never bet on Alabama.”  But I was still happy they won, even with a few lost dollars.

As it turns out, we took only two photos while we were in Vegas this time, mainly because we kept forgetting the camera.  Anywhere, here’s one…


And while we did not take this next one in Vegas, you cannot pass up an opportunity to post a photo from a commercial that has the Suns’ Steve Nash on a moped…


Anyway, back to Vegas.

In the end, the Sportsbook was not kind to us.  We ran with the idea of taking portions of your winnings throughout the day and stockpiling them on one absolute lock of a game… Washington at Arizona State.  The Huskies were a 6.5-point underdog and paying out big if they won.  All four of us expected them to win the game, and things looked pretty good up until about 12 seconds left.  Then this happened…

Yeah, it hurt.  And to top that off, Michele and I really went for it on the Bears on Sunday night, only to see them get stopped at the 8-yard line on the way to force overtime.  But oh well, it was still great fun to hang with Jason and Melissa and hit up the pool and have some delicious steak and get some sun.

The biggest regret we have from our trip – the Terry Fator store was closed when we walked through The Mirage!!!

Meet The New Gov (Not The Same As The Old Gov)

13 10 2009

As you may have read, our former governor who was once the Republican nominee for Vice-President resigned at the end of July.  At this point, Lieutenant Governor Sean Parnell took over as Governor.  Parnell was a practicing attorney for a number of years before getting involved in politics, and so, he was kind enough to spend some time speaking at the Juneau Bar Association luncheon.

After the lunch was over, I took a photo of Michele and some of our friends (who are also bar association officers) with the new Governor.


From left to right: Kelly, Tom Michele, Governor Parnell, Jessica, Ben, and Karen.

The Hike

12 10 2009

Yesterday turned out to be a really nice day up here, so Michele and I took the Barkster for a walk near our place at Cope Park.  While we had been to Cope Park numerous times, we had yet to walk very far down the trail that runs alongside the water.  That is, until yesterday.  It’s still kinda crazy to us that we can drive 2 minutes from our house and walk out in the middle of the woods and rapids in no time.


Here I am with Barkley near the water.  This was the only hat I could find in the car, and it was a little chilly.  Why I am tilting my head and making a weird face?  Not sure.  Just focus your attention on the dog.


The rock edge of the water had these cool stripes running across them..


Here’s one of those crazy rapids…


This water was flowing, so it looks a little blurred.  But I think you can get a feel for how clear the water is.  It really makes you want to jump in, then you remember it’s 48 degrees out and the water is even colder than that…



Again, this is the first time we have encountered this little bridge.  We have walked the Flume Trail, which is up at the top of this valley, and we could see that trail from where we were.  Often up on the flume trail, one of us would ask, “I wonder how you get to the trail down there?”  Now we know.


I was fond of taking photos with leaves in the foreground and water in the background…


And here’s Michele sitting on a nice little bench overlooking the water.  Barkley was more interested in another dog he spotted 17 miles away than with the nice view…


A Party And A Hike

12 10 2009

We had a pretty fun weekend in ole Juneau this time around.  We got up early on Saturday to watch Arkansas remove Auburn from the ranks of the undefeated.  Then watched the Tide take care of business in Oxford.  After all that, we headed over to Kate and Kevin’s place for Kevin’s 30th birthday party.  Sunday, we watched some NFL action and took Barkley out for a nice little hike that’s about 2 minutes from the house.

But first, the birthday party.  This was the first party hosted by Kate and Kevin since they finished all of their excellent remodeling jobs in the house. The place looked great – so nice that there were ties worn by Tom, Mike. and me to this party.  That’s right – ties.

Here’s Mike in his, chatting with Leif…


Here’s Tom in his, listening intently to someone not pictured…


And here’s me sporting mine.  Oddly enough, I am talking with a Tennessee fan.  Yep, you come all the way to Juneau only to end up in a conversation with a Vol fan.  On another note, Brad was one of the nicer Vol fans I have met…


Here is Kevin looking rather suave and astute on his 30th birthday…


Eric and Lisa were in attendance for the event…


No worries – Dave Gann was in the house!  Here he is chatting with Kevin, Kate, and Miles…


Everyone gather around the food peninsula (Kate made some excellent dishes!)…


And here’s Michele!  I think I did a nice job catching this candid shot…


Finally, last but not least, all that – it’s Jeanette and Erin!


I will putting up a few photos from our nice hike in just a bit!


7 10 2009

In Los Angeles or New York, you can get arrested for approaching a streetwalker.  In Juneau, you could get eaten…

Spruce bears

Yep, those are two bear cubs we encountered on our way home last night around 9:30 (we were int he car, don’t worry).  Our place is at the top of the street.  A few seconds after this photo Michele took with the phone, the mama bear came across the street from right.

About 30 minutes after this photo was taken, a big black bear decided our trash was worthy of being ripped into and eaten.

A Little Help From My Friends

7 10 2009

Some folks have decided not to enter the computer age – the world of emails and Facebook and fantasy football.  Recently, Andy Rooney even stated on 60 Minutes that he would rather receive junk mail from the post office than get an email.

I hate to say it, but Michele falls more in line with Andy Rooney than she does the Twitter generation (to which I often reply, “Child please”).  I’m not sure what it is, but she just prefers the old school way of doing things – writing letters, reading newspapers, driving no faster than 55 mph anywhere.

Anyway, we have had a laptop for about 4 years now, and Michele still fumbles around trying to use it.  In fact, we even got this picture of my grandmother trying to explain to Michele how to download photos she’s taken onto Google photos…


Thank goodness Mommaw has more patience we these things than I do!