Big Time Weekend

27 04 2009

Michele and I blew it up this weekend.  A fun one for sure.  Since I did not actually take any photos of our weekend activities until Sunday, I will just break up my comments on the weekend with photos that don’t relate to what I’m talking about.  Photos we’ve taken in the last few days, just not ones that relate to, say, our softball practice.

We both had Friday off, but the weather was not all that great.  We watched “3:10 To Yuma,” which I saw in the theaters and have been wanting Michele to see for a while.  She thought it was quite good, I still think it is awesome.  We had an excellent dinner with friends on Friday night, where they made the following for us:  tuna, crab salad,  duck (no mango salsa), and spicy shrimp.  The shrimp were delicious… so I’m told.  We had a really nice time over there.  And to prove it, here’s an unrelated photo.



Saturday was certainly a full day – with our end of season bowling party and our first softball practice.  Michele, Karen, and I all went to the bowling party together to represent the Misfitz (not a name we chose).  Michele made her famous chicken wing dip and Karen made her famous pasta salad.  I made my famous help Michele carry in the chicken wing dip.  One of the founders of the Misfitz – the other Brian on our team – was unable to make the party.  As it turns out, I missed out on winning the prize for highest handicapped game by 1 pin.  At least I lost to our teammate, Brian.  I did, however, manage to win the award for mystery average.  They just pick a random average and whoever has it gets the money.  Oddly enough, I have won this 2 of the last 3 years (take that, Steve Stricker).


After the bowling party, we headed over to Sandy Beach for our first softball practice of the season.  We had an excellent turnout, with 11 of our 16 team members on hand.  After stretching, sprints, and sliding drills, Coach Kevin finally let us throw the softball around.  Not really.  There were beers on the field during practice.  Basically, we all just took turns with batting practice and fielded whatever was hit – though no one caught the “dogball.”

We have what I think is a very clever name for our team this year.  Everyone on the team has some connection to the legal field, so we are the… Attractive Nuisances! For more on what that is exactly, you can click here.  I do, at least, have a photo of what our jersey’s look like.


Between the jerseys and the skill on the field, we assume that every team in the Coed F Division will be plenty scared of our squad. After our practice, we had a barbecue in the pavilion area of Sandy Beach.  Coach Kevin knows that team chemistry is key to winning the Coed F Division in Juneau, so things like barbecues are great for camaraderie.  Unfortunately, Michele’s back is still aching from that failed “trust fall” off the picnic table.  (Again, a joke).



And now, on to Sunday – the day where we remembered to bring the camera out.  We started kinda slow on Sunday, as we got caught up in the Bulls-Celtics playoff game.  Once we got moving, we headed over to our favorite stomping grounds – the good ole Mendenhall Glacier.  We had actually not been over the in quite a while.  Before we even got to the park, we came across quite a little treat.  Our first siting of a beaver!  That’s right, about 15 feet off the road near this little pond was a beaver.  We could even hear him chewing on the wood.  The photos below are from Sunday too!




Once we finally made it to the glacier, we had another first.  We were down on the beach with Barkley, and at, first it was really quiet out there because there were so few people there.  We looked out over the still slightly-frozen lake and saw Romeo.  Romeo?  Yep, the wolf that hangs out around the glacier that likes to play with dogs.  He was a ways away and we were not concerned at all, though Barkley did not bark at him.  He can be smart sometimes – like a wily old veteran rebounder.  So Romeo glanced over at us a few times, but he was struggling to walk across the frozen lake.  We did manage to get a few pictures, but he was pretty far out, as I said.




Taking into two firsts while we were out was quite the treat.  Many folks in Juneau have had much closer encounters with Romeo – not by choice.  We preferred our viewing as it was, from a distance.  While we did not see any bears on this trip, we did see what looked like bear prints in the snow below one of the bridges.

And finally, what post would be complete without some shots of the nice sunset on Sunday night???




What? Yearning For Some Sunset Photos?

17 04 2009

You know you will be guaranteed of seeing one of two things on this blog… (1) the Mendenhall Glacier, or (2) a sunset.  But hey, we like what we like.

So, session is winding down (ends Sunday!) and things have been crazy around the office.  Hence, the neglecting of the blog.  But I have some time here tonight to finally get up a few photos.  It was a really nice night this past Monday, and Michele and I decided to head out to our old stomping grounds of North Douglas and take in the sunset.

We loaded up Barkley, grabbed some food to go at the grocery store, and headed out for the 8pm sunset.  And here’s what we saw.  Enjoy!











That’s Not How You Grill, THIS Is How You Grill

2 04 2009

Michele was out of town last week from Monday to Monday.  She was in Sacramento for a few days for a conference, then in San Fran/Sonoma for a few to drink wine with Joey, Lucy, and Virge.  I don’t have any photos from that excursion, though maybe Michele does.  I do, however, have some photos of what went down in Juneau while Michele was gone.  Basically, Thursday – Sunday revolved around watching the NCAA Tourney with Tom, Kelly, Karen, and Mike (TKKM).  Kelly has some strong Spartan ties, so she was really bloody (Mary) excited about her team having so much success.

Anyway, I did take some time out from watching hoops to cook out on Saturday evening and of course, take some sunset photos.  Surprise!

After the games on Saturday, the aforementioned folks – TKKM – came over for some grill work.  I had some chicken thawed, TK brought some sausage, and KM brought over eggplant and 1,042 pieces of asparagus.  It was a nice night out, perfect for grilling.  Don’t believe me?



Everyone had plenty of food, as you can tell (and this was only batch 1).  I think the sausage was my personal favorite, with the asparagus coming in a close second.  Barkely even ate a piece of asparagus – though not because I gave him any.  One dropped off the plate on my way inside and he was on it in 0.3 seconds.  He has seemed healthier ever since.

So here’s everyone chowing down on the various grilled items…


And what post on this blog wouldn’t be complete without some shots of the sunset???  I think these were all taken on the same night, but that might be wrong.