Last Night

6 03 2009

I was so annoyed last night. Michele was being really selfish and totally driving me crazy. We get back from bowling, where we had a nice time – even though we didn’t bowl particularly well. Actually, Michele bowled a 150 in the last game, which is maybe why she was so cocky and inconsiderate the rest of the night. Anyway, we get home and I wanted to use the computer, just for a minute or two. All I wanted to do was just check a few sports scores on the night. It would have taken me about 3 minutes tops. But no, she had to use the computer for the entire night without giving it up once. Unbelievable. Look, I even took a photo of her on the computer as proof.


(I kid, I kid – just a good lead-in for the photo.  Truthfully, though, she says the beer box makes here “think better.”)