Cheese In The Bowl

26 03 2009

Sorry it’s been a while since we’ve posted anything.  Between work and March Madness, not a lot of time out there.  Anyway, here are a few random photos from the past few weeks.  Enjoy!

The first few here are from a St. Patrick’s Day party thrown by Kate and Kevin.  There was corned beef, cabbage, and potatoes – all delicious and all homemade.  Of course, there were a few drinks consumed.  While I don’t have a picture of the 8-10 car bombs that Dave took, I do have a shot of Kate’s black and tan (made from Guinness and cider).  Also, there’s a photo of Michele with er cake, and in the background is the cake for everyone else (kidding).  And then we concluded the party as all really cool people do for St. Patty’s Day – we played Jenga.  (Actually, I just took photos, but it was perhaps the greatest played game of Jenga I have ever witnessed.)






Here’s one of Barkley seeking out the sun at our place on a nice morning.


And finally, a couple of sunset shots from who knows when.




When Strikes Rain, They Pour

13 03 2009

Last night, I quite possibly ruined every other bowling game I will ever have for the rest of my life. Below is my score from our 3rd game.


Quick Update

11 03 2009

Things have been pretty crazy with work, so I haven’t really had a chance to update the blog!  I’ll toss up a few photos, but won’t have a chance to go into too much detail on them.  This past weekend, Michele and I had some friends over Friday, then met up with some folks on Saturday out the road to watch the sunset.

The amazing thing about Alaska, really, is how fast you start to get more sun.  It’s gaining every day.  For example, on Saturday the sun set at 5:42 p.m.  Then, on Sunday it set at 6:44 p.m.  Crazy!  I mean, that’s an hour and two minutes.  No wonder we get close to 18 hours of sunlight in June.

The moon was unable to keep up with the increased daylight – came out early.



This photo looks like it could used in a movie about the Bible to depict God talking.


And most of these are from the sunset out the road.




And, of course, the B-Man.


Last Night

6 03 2009

I was so annoyed last night. Michele was being really selfish and totally driving me crazy. We get back from bowling, where we had a nice time – even though we didn’t bowl particularly well. Actually, Michele bowled a 150 in the last game, which is maybe why she was so cocky and inconsiderate the rest of the night. Anyway, we get home and I wanted to use the computer, just for a minute or two. All I wanted to do was just check a few sports scores on the night. It would have taken me about 3 minutes tops. But no, she had to use the computer for the entire night without giving it up once. Unbelievable. Look, I even took a photo of her on the computer as proof.


(I kid, I kid – just a good lead-in for the photo.  Truthfully, though, she says the beer box makes here “think better.”)

A Little Ditty

4 03 2009

You may know my fondness for putting together videos of our photos and whatnot.  Well, I’ve been at it again.  A quick recap of our glacier excursion.  Enjoy.

Auke Bay Bonfire

2 03 2009

We had another fun weekend of nice weather here.  It was about 35 out, few clouds, great sun.  Michele and I spent Saturday watching Duke win, then a quick trip out to Lena Point to walk around, then “Frost/Nixon,” then watched the Juneau-Douglas Crimson Bears beat Ketchikan in hoops.  Not a bad Saturday.

But on Sunday, we had a bonfire out the road (orchestrated by Michele).  We wanted to go back to Lena Point, but it was quite windy there for some reason.  So we moved our location to Auke Bay, which has some nice spots for bonfires, and fire pits.

We met up with Karen, Mike, Kate, and Kevin (and all of their dogs) at Auke Rec around 4pm.  Sunset was around 5:30 on Sunday.  Here are a couple shots of our scenery.  In the second, you can see Michele and Karen near the bonfire.



Upon a second viewing of that photo, I think the word “bonfire” might not be totally accurate.  It was not some huge fire like you might see at a pep rally.  However, some quick research on revealed that the second definition of bonfire is “any fire built in the open.”  Our fire was definitely in the open, so I now feel comfortable again calling it a bonfire.

We had some beers, hot cider, sausages, potato salad, and of course – smores.    Below are some photos of all the dogs that joined us.  Michele had to make use of the treats to get them to all pose for a quick photo.  Going clockwise and starting to the right of Michele, you have: Kyrie, Kitty, Barkley, Miles, and Champ.



Kitty and Miles belong to Kate and Kevin, and Champ and Kyrie belong to Mike and Karen.  Barkely and Champ got along really well, and played nearly the entire time (until Barkley ran out of gas).

In this photo, you can see the cider warming on the fire there.  I think Michele is getting the smores ready.  (Side note: Michele minored in smores while at Bama, so she is the expert on their preparation.)


And here are the ladies each making their smores in a totally impromptu, unposed photo.


And last but not least, the very nice sunset we all got to take in.  Not a bad night overall.  Not at all.