On Thursday Night, History Was Made

25 11 2008

That’s right, folks.  At the Juneau Bowling Center on Thursday evening (in league play no less), amateur bowler Brian Kane recorded his highest bowling score of all-time.  The mark he surpassed, 222, was set just a few weeks back.  This time around, Kane started by throwing 5 consecutive strikes en route to a 234.  His 6th ball hit the pocket, but the 5-pin remained standing – which prevented an amazing double-turkey-dance from occurring.

One AP photographer was at the event and captured this proof of the score.  Check game 3…



Our Trip South (Part Deux)

21 11 2008

Now that we have some photos to share, I can fill you in on the first part of our trip in Shreveport.  To give you an early taste of how the trip went, I present you the photo below of Alex and Jackson…


We spent one night in Shreveport with Meagan and Denny and Alex, then the other with Michele’s dad and Karen.  I will try to get some video up, but we learned right off the bat that Alex is a rather accomplished dancer.  In addition to his fondness for wearing three-piece suits***, he also likes to jam out while riding in his car seat.  Seriously, this was one of the more entertaining things I have ever watched – to see Alex, strapped into the seat, shaking his head and kicking his legs about as the music played.

The first night there, Meg and Denny cooked an excellent dinner for us, and we played some Scrabble (Michele won, but it’s unconfirmed whether or not she cheated).  Earlier in the night, Jackson and Alex got to hang out in the bathtub for about an hour, playing with Aunt Michele.  And then they posed for a more formal pic afterward.



On Thursday, Jackson rode along with Michele and me on an adventure to find a dog.  We went to a place called PetSavers to look for a pet to adopt.  We first found out that Jackson has a fondness for kittens…


Then we came across the dog who has come to be known as Sir Charles Barkley II.  His name when we met him was just Barkley, but Michele added the extra names for a very nice touch.  And here he is…




What type of dog is he?  We really have no idea.  It seems there could be some boxer or dachshund or basset hound or lhasa apsos.  He’s about 2 years old and is pretty well behaved.  So far, there haven’t been any major “accidents’ and he’s adjusting to life in Alaska quite well.

Michele brought him with her when she flew up last week.  He was great on the trip, and has been a lot of fun for us so far.  We’re pretty sure he has not figured out what the cold white stuff on the ground is, but it’s amusing to watch him run in the snow.

A few other highlights from our visit to Shreveport… I got to each at Taco Bell.  I had a nacho supreme and double decker taco for my first trip.  I tried the volcano taco as well while I was in Mobile.  Yum, Taco Bell.

Michele also helped out Jason coaching Jackson’s soccer practice.  She brought to the practice this thing called “drills” – where there is actually a soccer skill involved in the exercise.  After the practice, there were rumors that Jason might get “Phil Fulmer-ed” and have Michele brought in on a permanent basis, but Michele quickly withdrew her name from a potential coaching search.  (Jason, I owed you one after the football pool Urban Meyer field goal incident).

Here’s Michele leading the team…



One thing I learned from soccer practice is that you should not wear shorts in Shreveport unless you have coated yourself in bug spray.

Overall, we had a great trip.  Michele went back a few days earlier than me, and I spent some time with folks in Mobile.  To sum up my Mobile visit; family, friends, golf, beach, Golden Tee, Beau Rivage, Taco Bell.

***One final side note – Alex does not really have a fondness for three-piece suits, I have just always thought it would be really cool if he did.

Our Trip to the South (Part I)

19 11 2008

Michele and I both headed down to the good ol’ South a few weeks back for some sun and warmth and family time. We both left November 4th, but Michele had to come back on the 11th and I stayed until the 17th.

We flew into Dallas, then drove over to Shreveport on Wednesday morning. The two big plans we had to start out with: (1) go to Baton Rouge for the Bama-LSU game, and (2) find a dog to bring back up. I will cover our newest addition, Sir Charles Barkley II, tomorrow in Part Deux of our trip recap.

And, I have just realized that all my photos not involving the Bama game are still on my laptop and not online. So, all the rest of our trip will be detailed in Part Deux. We’ll focus on the trip down to Baton Rouge in this one.

We left on Friday afternoon, with Michele’s mom driving us down to the bad guys’ hometown. But don’t worry, we wore our colors proudly and had the magnetic “A” on the outside of the car. Oddly enough, we only got flipped off once on the trip (Tiger fans aren’t what they used to be). We met up with my mom down there, as well as a bunch of Michele’s pals (Anna, Tom, Virginia, Jeremy, Wendy, Sheffy, Josh, etc). And great thanks to Wendy for hooking us up with tickets for the game!!!

We stayed at a place in BR called the Red Lion Hotel. Highly suggest this place – nice rooms, hardwood floors, pretty cool bar, and near the interstate. Across from the hotel was a restaurant called TJ Ribs, which had the best sign we saw the entire weekend…


We had dinner on Friday night at The Chimes – near the top of the list for places to eat in BR. But we basically took it easy on Friday since we had a big day on Saturday.

Before reading any further, you should click this link here to enhance you viewing experience. It should open in a new window so you can come back here to finish the story.

Saturday was full of tailgating, and amazingly, no major insults or crude incidents from the Tiger faithful – again, are they losing it? Of course, we got the whole “Tiger Bait” chant, to which we loudly responded: “A tiger can’t eat an elephant!” The looks on their faces at that realization – priceless. I’m kidding, we didn’t yell that, but I did think it every time.

Here was the best sign we saw at the tailgates…


Living in Alaska, Michele and I knew this was inaccurate, seeing as tides don’t change in just 3.5 hours. Nonetheless, we appreciated the cleverness of this one. And if that blocked field goal in the 4th quarter occurred at 6pm, then these guys were correct. However, there should have been one more poster to the right that said, “Back to High Tide: 6:20pm.”

Here’s a photo of all of us at the tailgate. While it’s no surprise that Michele, Linda, and me were proudly sporting our red, you can see Bama’s newest fan second from the left…


Michele’s mom and my mom watched the Bama players get off the bus and head to the locker room. Here’s Mount Cody on his way in…


Michele and I had unbelievable seats for the game – 4 rows up on the 38 yard-line, right behind the Alabama bench. Thanks again, Wendy! We were so close we could hear nearly every curse word to come out of Coach Saban’s mouth. Here he is now…


One slightly funny story from early in the game. There were a few Bama fans scattered around us, but it was mostly LSU folks. Michele announces to most of the people around us that we have come all the way from Alaska for the game and plan on cheering for our team. But, if we get annoying to them, just ask and we will chill out. Most seem to see this deal as acceptable. Well, the Tide scores its first td and Michele breaks into the fight song with pom-pom in hand. The fat, angry man in front of us turns around and says in a snarly tone, “You better calm it down, the people behind you aren’t going to be happy with that.” To which we respond, “We’ve actually already talked with them and they have no problem with us, thanks though.” He turned around without responding.

Anywhere, here are some highlights of the photos we took during the game.

The top 5 NFL pick…


The next Michael Crabtree with Saban talking to the team…


Lee Corso (who picked the Tide) on the sidelines…


John Parker back to pass…


Javier Arenas catching a punt…


And finally, here’s Michele cheering with the scoreboard in the background after the game…


You can click here to view all the photos we took on game day.

Good News!

18 11 2008

Tomorrow, Novermber 18th, the blog will be back in action.  Michele and I have been down south for a bit, getting some sun and visiting family and friends.  We survived a trip to the hostile town of Baton Rouge, and have plenty of photos to share.

So, check in on Tuesday or Wednesday to see what has been going on over the last few weeks.  I have offered two hints below to all that went down…



All Hallows Eve

4 11 2008

Michele and I did participate in some Halloween festivities this past Friday. Our pals Dave and Jeanette threw a little shindig at their place. Michele had plans, way back in June, to go as Sarah Palin. I kid you not, and she would want everyone to know that she wanted to do this for Halloween before it was the en vogue costume. Initially I was going to be Todd, but in the end I went as a version of the now famous Joe the Plumber. And no, I did not think of my costume in June.

Here’s a photo of Michele and me in our outfits…


Michele went with a very authentic look, including an accurate hairstyle and glasses.  I used boxer shorts with a tool belt on them, and shaved my beard into a neckbeard/mustache combo.  Ok, who am I kidding – I did not shave especially for Halloween.  It’s just my new look.

We had some other excellent costumes at the party, including…

Dave and Jeanette as Beaker and Bunson from The Muppets:


Kate and Kevin as an 80s Prom King and Queen:


And Sadie and Chris as rabid Oklahoma Sooner fans (is there any other kind?):


Oddly enough, with Dave being a huge Sooners fan himself and Sadie and Chris dressing up like this, they got first dibs on all the snacks, treats, beer, and wine.  I think Dave even put his Wii in their “trick or treat” bag.

We had a fun little night, though.  There was some dancing, and some hanging out with Storm and Yellow Dog.





But there was still some extremely serious and meaningful conversation going.  As you can see below, Palin and a Sooner fan were in a deep, deep conversation:



And if you know anything about Joe the Plumber, it’s that he does not like being in the spotlight, not one bit.  Get your stinking cameras out of here!


Then, we finished the night by hitting the town for a little while.  While everyone else’s costumes were appreciated, people kept yelling at me that I’m supposed to dress up for Halloween – not just go out as usual.  Oh well.  Here are a few closing photos from our trip downtown…