Sunset O’ The Day

30 09 2008

Michele and I had an excellent weekend, though we forgot to bring the camera anyway.  Mainly, it involved a wine tasting, going to a play, playing cards with some friends, and of course, watching some football.

While we didn’t actually take this photo ourselves (an AP photog did), we thought it was an appropriate one.  This sunset photo depicts the end of the day in the Athens.

This was taken mere milliseconds before Alabama took a 31-0 lead on Saturday night.


Sunset O’ The Day

26 09 2008

Michele and I have a pretty big Friday planned out.  We are likely going to a wine tasting after work, then to a play here at the world renowned Perseverance Theater.  We might also watch the second-to-last cruise ship of the season exit Juneau – weather permitting.  And then tomorrow?  One word: football.

This one almost has a tropical island feel to it. Alas, it’s the northern rainforest of Juneau.

Sunset O’ The Day

24 09 2008

Good news, we are actually having some pretty nice weather here and today and hopefully tomorrow.  Nice weather always leads to great sunsets!  Although, it was 34 degrees this morning.  Yikes.

This is actually a reflection in the water of the sun going down, but still pretty cool.

Sunset O’ The Day

23 09 2008

Once again taken from the back, and I think this was about 4 weeks ago.

Football and Fried Turkey

22 09 2008

With the awesome line-up of SEC football this weekend, we decided to have some folks over for some football and fried turkey. Michele and I managed to pick up the only turkey they had at the grocery store on Tuesday night in preparation of the event.  As we bought the turkey, I meant to exclaim, “Thanksgiving is only 8 weeks away!” But I forgot.

I set up “the game-center” around 8:15 a.m., seeing as the Tide was kicking off at 8:30 our time.  You can see for yourself below the wonder that is the game-center.

We have the main TV, which is always there.  Then I bring out the small TV and the computer is on Yahoo Sports.  All the bases are covered.

The lineup for the day on the big TV: Alabama vs. Arkansas, Florida vs. Tennessee; very end of Utah vs. Air Force and UNC vs. Virginia Tech; Auburn vs. LSU/Georgia vs. Arizona State. The small TV had Ryder Cup; Mississippi State vs. Georgia Tech; UNC vs. Virginia Tech; Wake Forest vs. FSU; Georgia vs. Arizona State.

Since out party started up around 10 a.m. (when our friends arrived), we had mimosa’s ready to go and Michele made a very tasty breakfast casserole.  Here are Michele and co. with their drinks.

On the far left is Janette (Dave’s wife), then Erin is next to her (worked with Michele at DNR), then Michele, and Kate is on the right. As you can see, we also had a nice spread of healthy stuff like vegetables and pineapple.  But, as you can see below, the mimosas may have been the main attraction.

And of course, we buy nothing but the best when it comes to champagne.  Cook’s!  After the Bama game Michele and the ladies spent much of the time at the table discussing politics and global warming.

Meanwhile, Dave and I sat in the “man side” of the house watching football.  Though, mimosas were allowed on the man side of the house.  Since we informed Dave that this was not a formal event, he wore pants instead of his kilt.  Oh well.

As you may recall from an earlier post, Dave is the man behind the Lucky Idiot Photo.  So go over to his website and buy a photo so he’ll stop mooching off of us! (Ha, I’m just kidding – but still, go buy a photo.)

And last but not least, the frying of the turkey. Other than a little oil spillage when putting the turkey in, everything went smoothly.  Everyone enjoyed the treat, and now Michele and I have turkey sandwiches from now until Thanksgiving – only 8 weeks away!

(To come clean, I forgot to actually take a picture of frying the turkey on Saturday, so I had to go to stock footage.  This is from last Thanksgiving, when there actually was snow on the ground.  The weather on Saturday was significantly nicer.)

Sunset O’ The Day

18 09 2008

Not much to report so far this week.  However, we are hoping to fry a turkey on Saturday while watching all of the great SEC football action.

This one was pretty late in the evening, but I can’t recall exactly when it was taken.  Appears to be another one from the back porch.

Sunset O’ The Day

17 09 2008

This photo was taken earlier this month, yet again from the back porch.